The Becker semi-automatic revolving shotgun

11th April 2023 | Reading time: 2 mins

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Becker Revolving Shotgun
The Becker semi-automatic revolving shotgun

The Becker semi-automatic revolving shotgun was invented in Germany in 1899 but not produced until the 1920's when only a limited number of around 100 were ever made by the Römerwerk Suhl.

The 2-1/2" 16 bore cartridges are loaded into the cylinder through a port in the right-hand side until all five chambers are filled, a lever is then pushed forward cocking the gun.

When the trigger is pulled the barrel, which is held forward with a spring, is pulled backwards and the firing pin moved forwards thus igniting the primer. The friction of the wads and shot against the inside walls of the barrel returns it to its forwards position and allows the cylinder to rotate aligning the next cartridge.

The powder gases create enough pressure to eject the used shell out through the port on the right side which is curved to deflect the gases away from the firer, the only exception is the last shell which is manually ejected with a push rod located on the front of the action.

The cylinders are numbered on the outside from 1-5 and the gun can be made safe by rotating the barrel to the unmarked position.

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