The Team

Alexandra Bowkett DGA, FGA

Jewellery specialist

01453 873800

Alexandra joined the company in 2012 as a part time cataloguer in the jewellery department. Since then she has earned two professional qualifications, namely Diamond Graduate and Fellow of the Gemmological Association, and is now head of jewellery. She has a vast knowledge of antique and modern jewellery, and enjoys staying up to date with values in the ever changing jewellery market.

Alexandra has grown the reputation of our quarterly specialist jewellery auctions, with most now comprising over 1000 lots – an exceptional achievement. In the past few years she has also dealt with a number of private single owner collections including one of Berlin Ironwork jewellery, a very specialist market indeed but one which attracted collectors from around the world.

Alexandra’s favourite part of her job is when she is identifies items brought in for valuation as something unusual or valuable, a good example being a purple sapphire sold by us  in 2018 for £16,000, which the vendor had previously been assured was an amethyst and worth around £30. Alexandra’s expert eye correctly identified it immediately, and proper cataloguing ensured that it realised its true value - a great result for the seller and proof (if it were needed) of how vital it is to speak to a properly qualified specialist valuer before selling your jewellery.